Prayer List – Updated 4/17/24

The Lost
Church Family
Teresa Belcher
Wayne Carpenter
Joshua & Rebekah Cashman
Suzie Childers 
Thera Dunmire & Family
Bobby Dyke
Jeff Elmore
Jackie Gilfillan (shoulder surgery)
Becky Godfrey (knee replacement 4/16)
Becky Harris
Johnny Harris 
Cathy Humphries
Jack Hutchenson (infection in leg)
Iris Jackson
Phil Littlejohn 
Cheryl Marcoux
Conli McVey
James & Kay Parker
Emmaree Peeler (knee surgery 4/12)
Miriam Price
Jack & Zonia Reynolds
Timmy Ruppe
Carye Sarratt 
Ashley Sprouse
Selena Whisonant (Seizures)
Ann Clary
Ann Owensby
James Parker
Ken Taylor
Extended Family
Bonnie – Stage 4 Lung Cancer
Karen Allison – Lung Transplant
Michelle Allison (shoulder surgery)
Monica – (Pam P.) Brain Tumor
Allison Beck (back surgery)
Ray Barnes
Betty Blanton – Stroke
Wade Brooks (3/6 triple bypass)
Rebecca Bowen (Gerri)
Shelley Burnett
Tim Burrows – Liver Transplant
Steve Clark – waiting on surgery
Troy Cobb
Robert Coleman – cancer
Jean Crocker
Larry Crawford (stage 4 prostate cancer)
Ron Doster – Cancer
George Duncan – Cancer
Scott Finch
Ellis Fincher
Arthur Frady – Cancer
Mike Frye
Rev. Nathan Green – Cancer
Evie Giles
Ricky Greene
Lamar Guest
Bob Hall (Betty M)
Karlyn Harbeitner – Cancer
Justin Harvey – SRI Stroke Recovery
Heather Hindrix
George Hernandez – Cancer
Torrie Hicks – Breast Cancer
Donnie Hodge – Luekemia
Jack Holder – Cancer
Carolyn Hopper
Michael Horton
Mitchell Humphries – Stroke Recovery
Tabitha Hunter – Breast Cancer
Cate Huskey
Karen Keller
Paulette Kitchens – Breast Cancer
Geraldine Lamb
Chuck & Kitty Lewis
Glen Mahaffey
Robert Martin Jr.
Buren McCall
Pam McAbee
Barbie Monroe – Brain Surgery
Amy Morris – Cancer
Lillie Mullinax – Cancer
Martha Ogle
Susan Oliver
Johnny Parker – Cancer
Sandra Pennington – Cancer
Bobby Price – Liver Transplant
George Putnam
Chris Raines – (David M)
Cambri Randall
Ray Rice
Betty Reynolds
Freddie Rogers – Cancer
Jerri Lynn Sharpe – Leukemia
Liz Smith
Melissa Smith – (Tommy P)
Judy Sprouse
Maxine Spencer
Tarri Stapleton
Evelyn Strevel
Debbie Thomas
Richmond Thurston
Jim Volpe – Cancer/Radiation
Dean Whisonant – knee surgery
Harold Wood 
Tim Wood (Tim Ruppe)
Tonya York – Emergency Surgery
Doc Youngblood – Cancer
Wendy Wray
Claude Warwick
Those Experiencing Loss
Family of Randall Littlejohn
Nursing Home
Olin Jolley – The Retreat
Alfred Littlejohn – V.A. Gaffney
Cherokee Creek Church
Deacons and Staff
Facebook Live Ministry
Ladies Bible Study
Man Cave Ministry
Outreach Ministry
S.I.S.T.E.R.S. In Christ
Good News Club
Cherokee Pregnancy Center/Options Medical
Hispanic Ministry
Meals on Wheels
Miracle Hill Ministry
Open Arms Foster Parent Association
Parson’s Pantry
Soup Kitchen
Hiley Blanton – Army
Ashton Childers – Army
Marty Rhinehart – Air Force 
Bradley Ruppe – Army
Leyton Spencer – Marines
Will Taylor – Navy
Our Country/President
Government Leaders/Public Servants
All with Covid /All Healthcare Workers