Prayer List – Updated 11/16/2022

The Lost
Church Family
Jane Beason
Steve Beheler 
Elaine Blanton
Jewel Bolin
Susan Cash
Betty Corbett
Christie Delashmet
Oakleigh Delashmet  
Charlie Deming – Surgery 11/29
Alicia Lathan
Mildred Mahaffey 
Cheryl Marcoux
Gerald Martin – Greenville Memorial
Brysen Mintz
Angel Moss
Zacharia Murphy
James & Kay Parker
Emmaree Peeler
Carye Sarratt and Family
Kenneth Sarratt
Martha Smalley
Ashley Sprouse
Burl & Vivian Turner
Verdi Wallace
Wentz Family
Ann Clary
Helen Littlejohn
James Parker
Ken Taylor
Burl Turner
Extended Family
Kristen Adolf – Cancer Treatment
Karen Allison – Lung Transplant
Monica – (Pam P.) Brain Tumor
Don Ballard – Lung Cancer
Kristen Barnes (Scott B.)
Ray Barnes
James Beaver (Sandy L)
Kimberly Behrman
Adalyn Blanton – (Daine)
Allen Buckner (Sharon H)
Steve Bumgardner – Cancer
Roman Campbell – Leukemia
Deanna Cerwin
Dr. Steven Corso (Sandra R) – Cancer
Michael Dalton
Tommy Davis – Cancer
Antonio Duarte & Family
George Duncan – Cancer
Larry Earls
Brad Evans
Mike Frye
Evie Giles
Robert Grace
Rev. Nathan Green – Cancer
Ashlee Gordon (Olivia L) – Cervical Cancer
Jamie Hamm
Frances Hammett
George Hernandez – Cancer
Timmy Hughey – (Vivian T.) Cancer
Roger Humphries (Sharon Harris)
Tabitha Hunter – Breast Cancer
Diane Johnson – Breast Cancer
Jeff Lathan 
Bill Mason
Tommy Martin (Bedford) – Leukemia
Vickie Martin (Christy H)
Judy Mayfield – (Will Allison)
David McKinnon (Becky G)
Joel Mobley (Scott Bolf)
Kay Mullinax
Anna Owens – Surgery today
Bobby Owens (Pam Peeler)
Johnny Parker – Stage 4 Cancer
Melissa Phillips
Bobby Price – Liver Transplant
Donna Proctor (Helen B) Cancer
Chris Raines – (David M)
Tommy Robbs – Back Surgery
Freddie Rogers – Cancer
Cathy Smith – (Ashlyn)
Melissa Smith – (Tommy P)
Richmond Thurston
Sherrie Vassy (Bobby O) Cancer
Jim Volpe – Cancer 
Matt Washburn (Gloria E.) – Wreck
Gardner Wilson
Lea Wilson (Christy) – Breast Cancer
John Wood – (Mark M)
Tim Wood (Tim Ruppe)
Halea Wylie
Those Experiencing Loss
The Family of Dot Horton
Nursing Home
Terry Goff – V.A. Gaffney
Olin Jolley – The Retreat
Alfred Littlejohn – V.A. Gaffney
Cherokee Creek Church
Deacons and Staff
Facebook Live Ministry
Ladies Bible Study
Man Cave Ministry
Outreach Ministry
S.I.S.T.E.R.S. In Christ
Good News Club
Cherokee Pregnancy Center/Options Medical
Hispanic Ministry
Meals on Wheels
Miracle Hill Ministry
Open Arms Foster Parent Association
Parson’s Pantry
Soup Kitchen
Hiley Blanton – Army
Ashton Childers – Army
Marty Rhinehart – Air Force 
Bradley Ruppe – Army
Leyton Spencer – Marines
Will Taylor – Navy
Our Country/President
Government Leaders/Public Servants
All with Covid /All Healthcare Workers