Prayer List – Updated 9/23/2020

The Lost
Church Family
Jane Beason
Boyce Bridges
June Bridges – COVID
Roger Bridges – Fluid in lungs
Conor Giles
Tim Corbett 
Terry Goff 
Johnny Harris
Don Hensley
Dot Horton
Tim Huskey
Alicia Lathan
Johnny Lathan
Caroline Lee
Barbara Lehman
Helen Littlejohn
Phil Littlejohn
Roger Mahaffey
Cheryl Marcoux
Gerald Martin – Chemo
Jimmy Martin 
Charles McCraw
Doris Mills
Gantt Mintz Family
Zacharia Murphy
Emmaree Peeler
Connie Reynolds – Northgrove Rehab
Sandra Rhinehart
Rick Ruppe – Surgery Recovery
Tim Ruppe
Tracy Ruppe
Carye Sarratt
Kenneth Sarratt
Bobby Smiley
Sonja Smiley
Michael Spencer – Surgery Recovery
Kenneth Taylor
Verdi Wallace
Furman Whelchel – Shoulder Surgery 9/24
Kathy Beheler
Billy Blanton
Ed Bolin
Billy Harmon 
Helen Hawthorne
Vera Horton
James Parker
Burl Turner
Extended Family
Request (Added By)
Ann Barnhill –  (Sharon H.)
Howard Barnhill – (Bedford Fitzgerald)
Mike Blackwell – (Ken Fowler)
Maddie Blanton – Heart Issues more test following COVID
Tom Bratton 
David Brizille – (David Martin) 
Claudia Butler –  (Molly Allison)
Steve Butler – (Molly Allison)
Gage Clary (Andrea Clary) On Transplant List (Liver)
Danny Dowdle (Kaye Cash)
Hadley Drake (Molly Allison)
Larry Earls (David Martin)
Brenda Eich (Renee Bolf) Health Concerns
Nelson Eich (Renee Bolf) Cancer
Rosa Fahy (Amy Harris) Breast Cancer
Mae Farmer – COVID and Pneumonia
Wil Foster (Pastor Daryle)
Robert Fowler (Michael Sprouse)
Mike Frye (Charlie Patton) 
Reggie Frye (Tommy Peeler)
Dylan Gammon (Verdi Wallace)
Larry Gregory – (Tommy Peeler)
Sherry Guy – COVID
Alex Hatton – (Amy Harris) – bleeding issues afterheart surgery
Alvin Henry – (Renee Bolf) Cancer
Jack Holder – (Juanita Holder)
Roger Humphries (Sharon Harris)
Carolyn Jones (Mike Spencer)
Karen Keller (Sharon Harris)
Glenn Kimbrell – Heart issue / blood-loss
Gary Littleton
Allison Lorbutt (Faye Whelchel)
Judy Mayfield – (Will Allison)
Fuller McClain – (Gloria Elliott)
Otis McKinnon (Becky Godfrey)
Ruth McKinnon (Becky Godfrey)
Joel Mobley (Scott Bolf)
Dickie Moorehead – (David Martin)
Kay Mullinax (Renae Bolf)
Ricky Peeler (Tommy Peeler)
Jan Petty – (Pastor Terry)
Bill Price – Rehab Facility
Heather Price (Renae Bolf)
Billy Richards (Judy Fowler)
Ronnie Sexton – (Trista Staggs) – Brain Tumor
Danny Smiley (Renee Bolf) – Cancer
Cameron Smith – College and Asthma
Mickey Standridge (Tommy Peeler)
Tassy Sutton (Renae Bolf)
Alice Thompson (Vivian Turner) – Knee Replacement
Carolyn Whitener (Betty Martin) – Test/Blockages
Tim Wood (Tim Ruppe)
Vicki Wood (Tim Ruppe)
Samuel Wyatt (Bedford) Lukemia
Those Experiencing Loss
Family of Mike Mullinax
Nursing Home 
Jackie Crawford – The Retreat 
John Goforth – The Retreat
Juanita Holder – The Retreat
Coffine Huskey – White Oak – Memory Care
Annette Jolley – The Retreat
Olin Jolley – The Retreat
Connie Reynolds – The Retreat
Doris Ruppe – Peachtree
Undean Ruppe – The Retreat – Memory Care – Surgery Recovery
Cherokee Creek Church
Deacons and Staff
Facebook Live Ministry
It Is Finished – 2021
Ladies Bible Studies
Man Cave Ministry
Outreach Ministry
S.I.S.T.E.R.S. In Christ
Cherokee Pregnancy Center
Good News Club (Northwest Elementary)
Hispanic Ministry
Meals on Wheels
Open Arms Foster Parent Association
Parson’s Pantry
Soup Kitchen  
National Guard Unit deployment & families
Hiley Blanton – Army
Ashton Childers – Army
Marty Rhinehart – Deployed
Bradley Ruppe – Army
Leyton Spencer – Marines
Will Taylor – Navy

Election 2020

Our Country/President

Government Leaders/Public Servants


Home Bound Students


Doctors, Nurses, EMT, Police, All Medical Personnel

COVID-19 Virus