Prayer List – Updated 2/24/2021

The Lost
Church Family

Jane Beason

Elaine Blanton

Jewell Bolin

Jackie Cromer – Dr. Induced Semi Coma

Sarah Spencer Haley

Johnny Harris

Cathy Humphries – Surgery Recovery /Home

Alicia Lathan

Johnny Lathan

Phil Littlejohn

Cheryl Marcoux – Scan April 12th

Gerald Martin

Jimmy Martin

Kim McCall

Charles McCraw

Doris Mills

Zacharia Murphy

Mark Musick  

Emmaree Peeler

Tommy Peeler – Melanoma Surgery Monday

Tim Ruppe

Tracy Ruppe

Carye Sarratt

Kenneth Sarratt

Ray Smalley – Hospital/Heart Issue

Bobby Smiley

Verdi Wallace


Helen Hawthorne

Vera Horton

Alfred Littlejohn

Helen Littlejohn

James Parker

Burl Turner

Extended Family
Request (Added By)

Janie – (Pam Peeler) Brain Tumor

Monica – (Pam P.) Brain Tumor

Ann Barnhill – (Sharon H.)  

Kenneth Blackstone – Still on Vent/Paralysis

Eva Blanton – (Shannon K.) Hospice Care

Maddie Blanton –Heart issues

Steve Bumgardner – Cancer

Claudia Butler –  (Molly Allison)

Steve Butler – (Molly Allison)

Todd Cerwin

Bill & Betty Clary (Andrea) Memory Care/Retreat

Gage Clary- (Andrea)

Allison Corbett – (Faye) – Cancer

Roger Crenshaw -(Keith W.) Foot Amputation

Terry Crocker – Pancreatitis

Hadley Drake – (Molly A.)

Danny Dowdle (Kaye Cash) 

Brenda Eich – (Renae B.) Health Concerns

Nelson Eich – (Renae B.) Cancer

Rosa Fahy (Amy Harris) Breast Cancer

Wil Foster (Daryle H.)

Robert Fowler (Michael Sprouse)

Mike Frye (Charlie)

Reggie Frye (Tommy Peeler)

Lola & Sophia Giles – (Liz Giles)

Larry Gregory – (Tommy Peeler)

Jack Holder – (Juanita Holder)

Roger Humphries (Sharon Harris)

Wyan Humphries – Liver Cancer

Karen Keller (Sharon Harris)

Glen Kimbrell (Sharon)

Allison Lorbutt ( Faye Whelchel)

Mike Lowe – (Melissa S.) Stroke/ICU Regional

Stephen Maness

Judy Mayfield – (Will Allison)

Joan McKinnon (Becky G.)

Otis McKinnon (Becky Godfrey)

Mickey Medley (Martha B.)

Joel Mobley (Scott Bolf)

Addison Moore – (Judy F.) Heart Condition

Mike Parker – Covid

Ricky Peeler (Tommy Peeler)  Needs Liver

Johnny Phillips – Covid

Leslye Phillips

Bonita Pringle

Billy Richards (Judy Fowler)

Linda Robinson

Jack Rogers (Sharon H.)

Danny Smiley (Renae B.) – Cancer

Tassy Sutton (Renae B.)

Jimmy Tennyson

Alice Thomas (Vivian Turner)  

Mike Thorton

Mike Vassey – (Jeff’s brother)

Barry Vaughen (Randall L.)

Susie & Beman Washburn – (David M.)

Duke Whisenant

Tim Wood (Tim Ruppe)

Vicki Wood ( Tim Ruppe)

Samuel Wyatt ( Bedford) Leukemia

Those Experiencing Los


Nursing Home  

Terry Goff – V.A. Nursing Home / Anderson

John Goforth – The Retreat

Billy Harmon – The Retreat

Juanita Holder – The Retreat

Coffine Huskey – White Oak – Memory Care  

Olin Jolley – The Retreat

Connie Reynolds – The Retreat

Doris Ruppe – Peachtree – Hospital

Cherokee Creek Church

Deacons and Staff

Facebook Live Ministry

It Is Finished – 2021

Ladies Bible Study

Man Cave Ministry

Outreach Ministry

S.I.S.T.E.R.S. In Christ


Cherokee Pregnancy Center/Options Medical

Costa Rica Mission Trip

Hispanic Ministry

Meals on Wheels

Miracle Hill Ministry

Open Arms Foster Parent Association

Parson’s Pantry

Soup Kitchen


Hiley Blanton – Army

Ashton Childers – Army           

Bradley Ruppe – Army

Leyton Spencer – Marines

Will Taylor – Navy


          Our Country/President

Government Leaders/Public Servants


All with Covid /All  Healthcare Workers